What To Know About Motion Sickness


Motion sickness is a common occurrence among people across many age groups. Many people tend to experience vomiting while riding on a bus or flying in an airplane. These people are likely to have this problem. It is often a temporary condition and goes away as soon as the traveling ceases. However, it would help to know what causes it and its cure. There are several natural remedies and medications to help with motion sickness. So, if you are or know someone who suffers from this condition, this article has all the information you will need.

What's To Know About Motion Sickness?
What To Know About Motion Sickness

Motion Sickness Causes

The inner ear, which is responsible for maintaining balance in the body, has to do with motion sickness. The inner ear, eyes, and body tissues sense movement and send appropriate sensory signals to the central nervous system (CNS). But, when the brain receives conflicting neural messages from the eyes and the inner ear, motion sickness occurs. It is the same as sea-sickness that people may get while on a boat or ship.

Motion sickness can cause vomiting, nausea, headache, drowsiness, excessive perspiration, drooling, shortness of breath, and general uneasiness. Most of the time, the symptoms accompanying motion sickness are mild, and they cease with the ceasing of the motion itself. However, in severe cases, it might last beyond that and even get worse. It is advisable to seek immediate medical guidance and advice. The diagnosis of this does not require any tests and extensive examinations.

The on-the-go remedies may range from only looking out of the window to home solutions. Looking at the horizon often helps stop motion sickness. Alternatively, one can also look in the direction of motion outside. That may lead to the right signal reaching the brain and prevent the symptoms. The vomiting and nausea can effectively stop by keeping a ginger slice in your mouth. Chewing, in general, helps with motion sickness so you can chew gum or the ginger. The best option of all might be just to shut your eyes and trying to sleep. Foul smells should be kept at bay when going through the symptoms. It can make things worse. So, taking in fresh air is often suggested to control it.

A long term remedy that can help cure the problem is acupressure.

What's To Know About Motion Sickness?
What To Know About Motion Sickness


A doctor can tell you after due diagnosis if your inner ear is causing problems and giving you motion sickness. There a many medicines, oral and external, available in the market that can help with this problem. Most of them, however, have minor side effects like drowsiness and leaving the mouth dry. Some of them are listed below.

  • Scopolamine – Available as a patch to put behind the ear, 6-8 hours before travel.
  • Promethazine – Another conventional medication should be taken 2 hours before travel. Its effects last 6-8 hours.
  • Cyclizine – This medicine should be taken half an hour before travel but is inappropriate for children below six years.
  • Dimenhydrinate- You must take this every 4-8 hours and are also available in the form of chewing gum.
  • Meclizine or Bonine – Must be taken an hour before travel and is inappropriate for kids below twelve years.
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