Top 5 Fully Electric Vehicles Brands In 2019 - Top 5 Fully Electric Vehicles Brands In 2019 -

Top 5 Fully Electric Vehicles Brands In 2019

The growing world of the population also looks for some innovative ways to spend the rest of our lives. Similarly, cars have been developed over the years to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. There some popular electric vehicle brands that are currently ruling the world. Among them, BMW, SAIC, and Volkswagen are the most popular ones. Here. Check out the best fully electric vehicles in 2019 that, and all of them are of Chinese origin.

Tesla (450,000–500,000 Units)

The number of deliveries from model 3 is unpredictable this year; it can extend 400,000 units or can be of 400,000 units or less than that. The units of the car are always dependable on a few important factors- production of the ramp up, it depends on the Chinese traffic, Gigafactory, availability, standard range launch, etc. Therefore, there is no exact say about what the number of delivery will be. So let’s make a comprehensive guess, and you can say, it will be something more than 350,000 deliveries. You can additionally, add more 100,000 Model S & X deliveries number if the sales drop slightly and the quarters of the year are compensated. However, this would happen only when the production of the flagships is in the complete form.

Top 5 Fully Electric Vehicles Brands In 2019

Top 5 Fully Electric Vehicles Brands In 2019

BAIC (220,000–250,000)

Beijing profits 100% by producing fully electric cars with targeted around 220,000 deliveries this year. They decided to remove plug-ins hybrids (PHEVs) and designed this outstanding BEV line up to better BYD. This BAIC electric car has been produced 150,000 deliveries last year (2018) and currently has 20,000 more orders to maintain. Hopefully, the brand has planned something to beat the target and do something great through the target is not that hard for them.

BYD (200,000–230,000)

BYD has more than 60,000 customers, and they are currently waiting for their dream electric car. Now from this point of view, you can easily inspect its demand, and the brand has also wanted to keep this thing in mind while producing high-quality car battery and 200,000 deliveries. This BYD is most probably the first brand that crossed the 100,000 deliveries in a year.

Nissan (150,000)

Nissan is a Japanese brand though and produces high-quality models and performance. It made a remarkable record in the Europe market by receiving 62 kWh version in May, and the Telsa model 3 is on its way. Moreover, not only in a year, Nissan possibly reached 15,000 sales per month. This happened after they produced 62 kWh Leaf large volumes at the beginning of the second half of the year.

Renault (120, 000)

This Renault new model has a growing demand throughout the world, and so is its delivery unit (10,000 units/month). You can add additional 15,000 Kangaroo EV delivery and observe the brand exceeding 120,000 deliveries in a year. Moreover, the interesting news is that it is going to hit China this year. And probably will deliver a large volume next year, 2020.

Top 5 Fully Electric Vehicles Brands In 2019

Top 5 Fully Electric Vehicles Brands In 2019

So this goes the list of top 5 electric vehicles and the brands apart from it, you can also find other interesting information about hybrid cars and more from our blog. Drop us a comment below to find out more interesting information.

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