Son Surprises Dad With Dream Chevy - Son Surprises Dad With Dream Chevy -

Son Surprises Dad With Dream Chevy

Son Surprises Dad with Dream Car He Sold to Support His Family

Son Surprises Dad with Dream Chevy Car He Sold to Support His Family

There might be thousands or even millions of tear-jerking videos on Youtube, but this one is something else. It is a video of a son who surprised his father with the same exact classic Chevy Impala that he owned when his boys were still young. The car was sold years ago by the father to make ends meet in the mid-80s. The son saw his father’s sacrifice. And he always plotted on giving back to his dad.

The Search for the Car

The two sons actually knew that it was almost impossible to find the classic Chevy car. They knew often these types of cars change hands so quickly that tracking it would be very difficult. Yet, they still tried.

At the beginning of their search, they learned that the car was purchased by somebody in Arizona. They tried to contact the new owner but to no avail. They did keep on tracking the whereabouts of the car and each time it seemed to elude them. The car had been in Pennsylvania and then New York when they finally heard that it was taken to Canada by a new owner. That’s that time that they almost felt that it was hopeless.

Hearing the Great News

The eldest son actually decided to make a last ditch effort to contact the new owner in Quebec. To his surprise, this time he got a response. He then told the new owner the story and miraculously he was able to buy the classic Chevy Car car. He then had the car shipped back to America and get it ready to surprise his father. There was a great moment on this part of the video when one of the sons was sitting on the back of the car. He said “It’s just amazing that it’s almost 30 years that I used to sit back here” as he was reminiscing the time when his dad drove them around with the car.

The Father’s Reaction

Their dad was playing with his grandchildren on their backyard when he saw the car glide into the driveway. “Dear God. That’s my old Chevy” was the first thing that came out of his mouth and there was obvious disbelief in this face. When he walked towards the car it was clear that he was filled with excitement. It took his sons 5 long years just to find the car. But I am pretty sure that it felt really good when the saw their father takes out the classic chevy car for a drive again after 30 years.

This video probably influenced the popular videos of children surprising their parents with their dream cars. Some buy them for their parents, while others put in the extra effort and restore their parent’s old cars. The reactions of the parents are priceless. Some even break down in tears because of the joy that they feel. Another video that also made me grab for the Kleenex was posted by TheAngryGrandaShow. This is a popular channel and the video showed Angry Pa’s son surprised him with the first car that he owned when he was 16. It was a 55 Chevy Bel Aire that he thought was lost. It was a magical moment.

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