See The Top Electric Cars Charging Stations In This Guide -

See The Top Electric Cars Charging Stations In This Guide

electric cars charging stations

Have you heard about the electric cars charging stations? In this guide, you will know about the importance of electric vehicles or electric cars charging stations. There are currently dozens of electric charging stations for vehicles that are either for sale or are going to arrive in the upcoming years.

So, are you wondering how challenging it would be to make a transition from standard electric technology to be the owner of an EV in your routine life?

Having an electric car is not as difficult as people think it is. However, it does require planning to own something like this innovative technology. Thus, it’s just about getting used to such innovation rather than going to gas pumps as it requires more of your time. In the planning to buy an EV, you have to decide where and how to charge your car.

At present, all the world-class automakers are developing unique electric cars and are taking them more seriously, considering every detailing.

Moreover, talking about worldwide, many countries, including the US on the top, make use of a more significant number of charging stations. Therefore, it becomes more critical to make remarkable changes in the world of electric vehicles.

In this guide, you will come to know about the public or commercial electric cars charging stations. Also, some people cannot charge their vehicles at work or home, and thus, they bank on the evolving public charging stations to revitalize their cars.

The countries that are having the highest number of charging stations are:

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USA – 21,000 Electric Cars Charging Stations

Germany – 12,000 EC Charging Stations

Netherlands – 8,000 EC Charging Stations

UK – 7,000 EC Charging Stations

Italy – 4,000 EC Charging Stations

So, now look at the top electric car charging points to get your work done easier.

List of Top Electric Cars Charging Stations:

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1. Electrify America – Electric Cars Charging Stations

Volkswagen does the creation of Electrify America intending to invest nearly $2 billion in spreading the awareness of EV and EV infrastructure for over ten years.

Moreover, Electrify America is a charging network that has more than 420 charging car stations.

The station features both CHAdeMO and CCS connectors. When you want to use the Electrify America charging station, you will have to pay $1.00 as a session fee, and also you need to pay-per-minute cost while you charge.

Moreover, the session charges depend upon the rate of the battery charge. On the other hand, you can take Electrify America’s membership that will cost you around $4.00. In this membership, it lowers the per-minute costing and waves the session charges. You can make payments through the company’s app or via credit card.

2. FordPass Charging Network – Electric Cars Charging Stations

Ford has joined hands with Electrify America to provide the owner of its vehicles some complimentary access for two years. It’s the access to the fantastic FordPass Charging Network that comprises 12,000 charging stations and over 35,000 plugs.

Furthermore, owners still require paying for the energy they are using. People can pay through the in-dash screen of the car or via the FordPass app.

3. EVgo, ChargePoint – Electric Cars Charging Stations

Currently, EVgo comprises over 800 fast-charging points in around 66 markets. Here, one has to register with ChargePoint for having an account on it. Also, EVgo has announced amazing deals with EV Connect, Nissan, and Electrify America.

4. ChargePoint

The ChargePoint is working with top automakers to offer introduction kits for the electric vehicle drivers of many new cars, including popular car companies such as Mitsubishi, Jaguar, Hyundai, Honda, and Chevrolet.

Moreover, ChargePoint does not provide any package deal as it functions for individual or independent owners. Also, the station does not set cost or give any subscription service for any driver.

5. Superchargers & Destination Chargers of Tesla

Tesla has the crown of having its own charging station. The fast DC chargers of the company are known as Superchargers that are only available to Tesla owners. The company has also installed “Destination Chargers” at different shopping centers, restaurants, and hotels.

Many owners of Models such as X and S use Superchargers by paying nothing. On the other hand, the owners of Model 3 need to pay.

The approximate cost of charging your electric car is near around $0.28/kilowatt-hour, and for Model S, the price is about $23 for 300 miles. Moreover, Tesla even gives its owners 1000 miles of charge less Supercharging when anyone convinces others to purchase a Tesla. Also, the buyer will have 1000 miles of free Supercharging.

Conclusion On Electric Cars Charging Stations

We hope the information on the top electric cars charging stations will make your drive via electric vehicles much more accessible.

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