Satisfy Your Cleaning Needs! This Can Stand Up to the Toughest of Cleaners So Don't Miss This Out! -

Satisfy Your Cleaning Needs! This Can Stand Up to the Toughest of Cleaners So Don’t Miss This Out!

Hand-washing your car, particularly if you have a large vehicle, can be a chore. Investing in a car wash brush is a simple way to cut down on time spent cleaning. You’ll want to look for soft bristles, an extendable handle, and portability, to name a few features. To learn more, read our buying guide for car wash brushes.

When detailing your vehicle, wash and dry the exterior with a soft brush. Cleaning your car can be time-consuming and costly. The strands are made of sturdy and durable fibers like nylon, Kevlar, and polyester, making them suitable for automotive applications.

Portable Detailing Brush For Cleaning Car’s Interior

Take this Detailing Brush For Cleaning Your Car’s Interior with you wherever you go. It takes seconds to put together, expands your scope, and covers more ground than a regular car wash brush. This brush extends the bristles to the left and right for added scrubbing strength, unlike other regular car washing brushes that only have bristles on two planes. Get this portable detailing brush today for cleaning the car’s interior.


Item Length 23cm

Material Type PP

Item Type Sponges, Cloths & Brushes

Item Weight 150g

Special Features Detailing Brush

Item Width 4cm

Item Diameter 223cm

Item Height 6cm

Model Number ACCT348

Function 1 Detailing Brush

Function 2 Car Wash Brush

Model ACCT348

A close up of a tool


• Make it easier to wash your car. Using a wide brush head to cover more ground when washing your car would make the process much less stressful. You should also make sure to clean certain hard-to-reach areas.

• Choose the appropriate brush for your car. It’s difficult to tell who used the car wash brush before you, and it’s virtually impossible to tell what’s trapped inside those fibers. If you can find a brush that you know is washed regularly, you’ll save time and money on the scratch repair.

• This car wash brush is small enough to fit in your trunk. The mop-like head can be removed and washed between uses.


• Facilities that use nylon or plastic abrasive brushes are more likely to leave minor marks on a car’s finish. Car washes that use fabric brushes are preferable, but if the brushes are dirty, they will scratch the finish.

• Even though most newer car washes have replaced abrasive brushes with softer ones, slapping against the side of your car can still cause problems: Many of the cars before yours have left grit on the brushes.

• Since the mop-like strands of this substance simply glide across the surface rather than penetrating deep, stuck-on debris would certainly need personal attention.

• During use, the bristles of this car wash brush can shed onto your vehicle. Softer bristles can be used in other items.


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