Meet the Girl Who Restored A Toyota Classic Car - Meet the Girl Who Restored A Toyota Classic Car -

Meet the Girl Who Restored A Toyota Classic Car

The Story of a 12-Year Old Girl Who Restored a 1976 Toyota 1000

This story of a young girl who restored a Toyota classic car with amaze you.

I respect people who take on car restoration projects. I mean, it takes a lot of commitment to accomplish. Imagine all of the hours of labor that you have to put in to turn a dilapidated piece of machine to its original state. And this is probably the reason why most of the people who start this project are around their late teens or young adults. The type of people who are old enough to take ownership of a project and work on it until it’s done.

A 12 Year Old with a 50-Year-Old Car

This is the reason why I am so amazed by the story of Gemma Wade of Scotland. Apparently, she started her Toyota classic car restoration project when she was 12 years old. Her vehicle of choice was a Toyota 1000 that her father bought in 2002. On 2007, when Gemma was old enough to handle some tools, she started to bring the car back to life. She did get some help from her dad throughout the process. However, it was her deep interest and passion that gave life to the once rusty vehicle inside their storage.

Gemma Ward who is now 24 years old recalled her experience while restoring the car.

“I like to be hands-on in all of dad’s projects, so I was always taking parts off, cleaning them, packing them away, or putting them back on. I also took apart the engine after being handed the repair manual, which taught me how to undo the bolts and what order to tighten them back up again.

“Towards the end of the project, I even learned how to change tires by hand – the old-fashioned way by levering them on and off with a long bar. From the very start of the project I had been taught how to start the engine and use the manual choke, and then by the time I was 15 or so I was trusted enough to move the car around the yard.”

Up for the Challenge

One thing that you need to know is that restoring a Toyota 1000 classic car is not an easy take. This is mainly because it is one of the only ten of its kind left in the UK. Consequently, finding replacement parts for the car that they were working on was extremely difficult. His father had to hand makes wheel axes. They also reshaped a panel a Ford Cortina and use it as a rear valence. Her mom also needed to sacrifice her Toyota Starlet’s carb just for her daughter’s project.

The 24-Year-Old and Her Toyota 1000

Gemma now drives her restored car around all of the time. It is actually a really great sight to see her driving a very charming car on the roads of Scotland.

This story was actually a part of the Toyota People campaign. Usually, they feature adults with their Toyotas. The story of Gemma makes not only the community of Toyota owners proud but the Classic Car Enthusiasts community as well.

It is actually great to know that individuals who belong in the Millennial Generation are now taking interest in vintage cars. We wish to see more young restorers in the future.

If you are passionate about classic cars. It would be best if you make your child interested in it too. This teaches them how to give things value. And most importantly, it gives them patience and perseverance.

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