Important Tips For Classic Car Restoration

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Important Tips For Classic Car Restoration

Important Tips For Classic Car Restoration

A classic car restoration project is definitely a labor of love that has great rewards. If a classic car is properly restored its value in the market significantly goes up. This is the reason why the beautiful cars that you see on the display of professional car restoration shops are very expensive.

If you want to start your own restoration project you need to have the knowledge and dedication. Some people go into this business haphazardly and sad to say they end up losing a lot of money in the process.

Here are some tips that you should know before you start getting your hands dirty.

Asses What Shape The Body Is In

Before even choosing a project car to work on, you need to know some essential things. The main thing is that you should know how much work is really needed for it. Will it just need repairs or do you need to replace a majority of the parts? How much professional help do you need to finish the project? What are the tools do you need to do some of the repairs and do you have immediate access to them? Once you have a definite answer to these following questions, you will know if you are even capable of turning the car that you bought into its original shape.

Cost Of The Project

This part is really important because it will determine if the project will be a good investment or not. Even if you are not looking to sell the car after restoration, you still need to know if the amount of the money that you are going to put into it will be worth it. Knowing the budget that you need for the classic car restorations is even more important if you are doing it for a profit.

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Acquiring Parts

A full restoration of a classic car is impossible without the original parts. Not having access to the original parts is a nightmare to the person who gets into this business. So you need to ask yourself first if you have the contacts or if you know a company that sells the parts of the car that you are working on.


Knowing how much time you need to dedicate for the project is extremely important. Some restoration projects just take months due to the availability of the parts and tools needed nearby. On the other hand, other project takes years to complete and will require a lot of effort.

Learn everything that you can

Just like any other endeavor, knowledge is the best tool that you have in classic car restoration. All of your resources will be of little use if you what you know about executing the project is minimal. Learn as much as you can before you begin. The internet and magazines are a great source of information. But the best source is visiting an actual seller of classic car parts and asking them about everything that they know about doing the project. A classic car restoration experts can teach you all there is that you need to know and even guide in you in making sure that will become successful.

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