Illinois Fire Destroys 150 Classic Cars - Illinois Fire Destroys 150 Classic Cars -

Illinois Fire Destroys 150 Classic Cars

Fire versus Classic Cars: 150 Classic Cars Destroyed in a Fire in Illinois

Fire versus Classic Cars: 150 Classic Cars Destroyed in a Fire in Illinois

Russel Noel, the owner of Country Classic Cars, a car a classic car dealership located near famous Route 66, watched as a massive fire destroys 150 classic cars in his collection. The fire started early in the evening of August 9, 2017, inside Noel’s main garage.

A Devastating Fire

According to reports, the structure which is mainly made of wooden exterior and wooden supports. It was one giant room filled with 150-180 highly combustible cars. The firemen who responded on the scene said that there was actually no way to stop the fire no matter what they attempt to do. The complete incineration of the structure also made it really difficult for the investigators to pinpoint exactly what caused the fire. Yet, it was later found out that the fire was probably caused by one of the five cars in the middle of the structure.

The Expensive Collection

Before the fire, Country Classic Cars was a well-known classic car dealer that is popular for its eclectic collection. They are also a trusted shop offering repairs and even restoration services for classic car collectors. The inventory of the shop reportedly includes a 1954 Cadillac Eldorado in mint-condition, a 1927 Ford Model T and a 1973 BMW 2002 to name a few. You can imagine that the whole collection could worth millions of dollars.

Were The Cars Insured?

Jonathan Klinger, the vice president of public relations for Hagerty said that Classic Country Cars that some of the cars that are on consignment are under a consignment agreement.

Regardless if its consignment or an auction. It is a universal industry practice that the owner of the car is going to sign some type of consignment agreement. This means that you are still responsible for any property damage to the car. Meaning that they legally are not held liable for any damage that happens to the car while it’s in their care, custody, and control,” Klinger further explained in his statement.

In short, the agreement states that the owner should maintain insurance coverage and should submit a claim to their insurer first. More often than not, classic cars either increase or hold their value, while normal cars depreciate. The insurance payment, if applied, would also be an agreed value minus deductibles.

The Present

It is actually great news to know that Country Classic Cars seems to be back in business.  Right after the disaster the owner immediately went on to rebuild his business. He is now back to serving classic car collectors in the country. If you do a simple online search you will see that Russel Noel is back in providing great service to his customers. He is now earning some good reviews from people who bought his cars or used the services he offers.

One precaution you can do to avoid this is to purchase classic car insurance. There are a lot of companies out there that can offer this to you. Right now, your best option is to find one online. There are a lot of car insurance companies that allow you to see their offers on their websites. Never forget to compare prices and to ask for quotations. Once you have the best insurance for your car, you will feel more secure.

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