Driving Simulation Games :Best 10


Games have become a vital part of our lives these days. We all like to play some of the other games during our free time. Some like arcade, some action, some puzzle and so on. Likewise, racing games have been very famous and widely accepted among all. There are many such driving games in the market especially, the simulator ones. Driving simulation Games are much more liked and played as they provide a realistic gaming experience compared to normal driving games.  However, these driving simulation games also have an arcade feel in them which has no physics defined in them. Whether you’re skiing down the snowy mountain or accelerating a large truck, these driving sims are an ideal example of reality.

Driving Simulation Games Best 10
Driving Simulation Games: Best 10

These driving sims are brutal, rough, relentless and controlling the vehicle is the most challenging part of it. Let’s get acquainted with the top 10 best driving simulation games.


If you’re interested in riding and hauling big trucks then, it is the perfect game for you to spend your lazy weekends. The driving sim is slow, consistent and lazy too. You can drive throughout Europe under different weather conditions. You also need to follow traffic rules and speed limits during the game. If you want to break them, you can but you’ll eventually end up getting your truck smashed into a drain.

9. DIRT RALLY 2.0 As A Driving Simulation Game

One of the best rally simulator game. It tests your skills and balance of real rally racing. You drive a heavy engine, high-speed powerful car on rough tracks and lands. You definitely need to consider your co-drivers driving instruction if you want to stay on track.


Compared to other games, project cars have a different track for racing and also maintain its authenticity. You can control your car better here. It also has various weather conditions and realistic game-play effects to provide you a better gaming experience.


This game doesn’t have the top AI in it but has an heart-winning real-time experience. You can customize your game and cars as you like as it offers a variety of such features. However, it has the best-applied physics as compared to any other driving sim game.

Driving Simulation Games : Best 10
Driving Simulation Games: Best 10


This game is unified among all. You can opt for a variety of in-game purchases in this game. Also, you need to pay over 10$ to get customized tracks, cars, and features. You will get a detailed description of everything in this game. And yes, it has got the most precise physics engine in it.


If you can bear patience, take the right decision at the right time, then you are the one for it. It allows you the experience of extreme off-roading with heavy SUVs, trucks on rough terrains, muddy roads and deep rivers.

4. FACTOR 2 Driving Simulation Game

This game is not only old but also charming. Its incredible aerodynamic and fuel consumption feature is very realistic. Developers are still updating features for a better experience.


This game does not prioritize on racing much, but you can still go for it if you want. A bump can destroy your car in seconds if you drive over it at a high speed. The game has realistic features and has also implemented soft physics precisely.


This is the extreme racing game which is considered to be the best of all. Reckless riding can cost you a lot in this game. It has a variety of cool features which makes the game distinguished as the best of all.

1. FORZA MOTORSPORT 7 As The Best in Top 10 Driving Simulation Games

This is the unbeatable and fearless racing sim of all. It is at #1 position among all for its boundless landscape. It has more than 700 cars and a variety of tracks & locations, and best of all, the best multiplayer experience. None can beat the features of this game. It is considered best for new players willing to sim games like this.

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