Costliest Classic Car in the World -

Costliest Classic Car in the World

costliest Classic Car

Meta Description – The most expensive car in the world was created by Rolls Royce. If you love collecting information on classic cars, then this one is a must read.

The most expensive car in the world to date is the Sweptail by Rolls Royce. The car was recently launched in Italy. The price of this car is 13 million. It is hand-built and is based on the design of Rolls Royce of the 1920s and ’30s.

It is the first modern Coachbuild car that has redefined luxury and taken it to a totally different level. It was made for one gentleman only and only one such car has been made so far. The company refuses to unveil the name of the owner.


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When questioned about the design and idea, Rolls Royce said that the idea began with a single line on paper. The company also said that the owner is a connoisseur of private aircraft and super-yachts. The owner himself had asked the company people to design a car which is just a two-seater coupe and also features a large panoramic glass roof. It was his idea of a complete luxury car. No other car is as costly as this one in the world currently.


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A 103EX concept has been further modified to get the Sweptail. It is a personalized and futuristic car that will be made by Rolls Royce in the coming years and it was also unveiled in their Vision Next 100. It has the largest aluminum grille which is handed polished to get a mirror finish. The signature sign ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ of Rolls Royce is also bigger than the ones in its other models. The Sweptail has a huge 6.6-litre V12 engine. The car is also astonishingly 6 meters long.

The interiors are made from Paldao veneers and Macassar Ebony. The leather seats are in a hue of Moccasin and Dark Spice. It has a hand-stitched steering wheel. This car is made as per the preferences of the owner and he himself requested the steering wheel to be hand-stitched. It will not be wrong to call Sweptail as the haute couture of cars.

The rear seat has been swapped with a wooden shelf in the middle that has an illuminated glass lip. Behind this is the wood hat shelf that is polished and inserted with luggage rails and also surrounded by a huge teardrop-shaped glass roof.

There are many cars made in the world every year, but only a few make it to the top list. These cars are bespoke automotive luxuries made upon request and have all the features the owner desires. There is hardly one or two of such cars made in the world. Their resale price is often double than their original price as many people are always competing to owning such classics. They are often sold in auctions where the price is easily doubled. This car, however, is the most expensive car in the world made to date and is just the proud automobile of an owner who also has a passion for collecting unique yachts and private airplanes.

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