Car Tires: Know Which Suits You Car Tires: Know Which Suits You

Car Tires: Know Which Suits You

Car Tires: Know Which Suits You

Here are some types of car tires that you might find useful.

Summer Tires

If you have a standard-size passenger vehicle, such as an SUV or a minivan, and a climate that remains around 7.5°C for most of the year, then these car tires are a good suggestion. Summer tires function well in both dry and wet situations. By “wet” we mean light rains, not snowfall or heavy rainfall. If you want a set of tires that provides all-season traction, then summer tires are not the ones.

Know Which Car Tires Suits You
Car Tires: Know Which Suits You

Winter Tires

Let’s say if you drive in a climate where the temperature remains below 7.5°C on average, or in an area where snow piles up for months. Hence, winter tires, also known as snow tires, are a reasonable choice to get you through the snowy season. These car tires perform very well in wintery conditions. They provide you the traction, grip, and control that summer tires aren’t able to offer. The unique rubber compounds present in winter tires stay softer and more elastic in freezing conditions. Thus, giving you better traction and superior stopping power.

All-season Tires

Don’t confuse yourself by “all-season tires”. The four seasons in one part of the world can be vastly different in other regions. So, if you live in an area of mild winters, then all-season tires are a better choice. They are specially built to handle both dry and wet roads throughout the year, including moderate snow. However, if you’re looking for high traction and a good grip in severe snow and ice, these tires might disappoint you. All-season car tires are of two classes: passenger tires and touring ones.

All-season touring tires have lower noise and better handling. Whereas all-season passenger tires provide a smoother ride and are long-lasting.

Performance Tires

Whether you have a sedan or a minivan, performance tires will give you the feeling of fast cars. They also offer increased better cornering and handling. Car tires come in average performance, high performance, ultra-high performance, and competition.

Car Tires: Know Which Suits You
Car Tires: Know Which Suits You

Truck Tires

The type of tire depends on the kind of truck you have and the things you do with it. Are you driving your vehicle off-road, like in snow and muddy areas? Hence, there’s a pair of tires for everyone.

Highway truck tires are durable and built with enhanced compounds and patterns to prevent jagged wear. They provide smooth rides throughout the season.

Performance truck tires are similar to highway ones but tweaked to withstand higher speeds. They offer superior braking and handling in all road conditions.

All-terrain truck tires have a more massive tread with multiple patterns, designed to handle gravel, sand and light mud.

Off-road or mud terrain truck tires boast of being the largest and having a bold tread pattern. They are intended to handle off-road situations like deep snow or mud.

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