Car Maintenance: Prevent Expensive Service Trips

Tips To Maintain Car


Have you bought a new car recently and want to preserve it? Do you think it’s a hassle to service your vehicle from time-to-time? You’ve come to the right place. Here are some pointers for car maintenance.

Know About Your Car

Most of us don’t give too much regard to the manual that comes along with the vehicles. We are all just too focused on getting behind the wheel and take it outside. However, there is much-needed information in the user’s manual that sheds light on how you can keep your vehicle in an optimal state, and maintain the proper functioning of the car. Moreover, it gives you information on the things you need to check, and how to correct them, what indications or marks and symptoms you need to analyze, and when to perform the necessary checks. There are also tips on what type of parts and accessories along with its specs, you can apply to your car.

Keep Engine Oil In Check

Car Maintenance: Prevent Expensive Service Trips
Car Maintenance: Prevent Expensive Service Trips

Check engine oil is vital for car maintenance. This should be done regularly or monthly to keep a vehicle in optimal shape. If you notice leaking or see that you need to add oil from time-to-time, the checks should increase. Park your car on level ground to get an accurate dipstick measure. Also, if you do have leaking, find and fix it soon.

Check Air Pressure In Tires

It would be best if you did it when the tires are cold for a while. Use the air pressure suggested by the manufacturer, not the maximum one printed on the tire-side. It is ideal if a weekly check is done, although it may be hard to include in your daily routine. Some cars come with car maintenance devices that monitor the air pressure in tires, pre-installed. There are also smart gizmos that connect to your phones and continuously monitor tire pressure. The tool sends out notifications in case a tire needs air refill.

Keep the Car Clean

For proper car maintenance, It is ideal if you can wash the car every week. Wash the body throughout and, if needed, blow out the undercarriage and fender wells to get rid of dirt and road salt. When water beads become more massive than a quarter, it’s time to wax and finish.

Car Maintenance: Prevent Expensive Service Trips
Car Maintenance: Prevent Expensive Service Trips

Store Vehicle Properly

Placing your vehicle in the garage is particularly crucial if you reside in an area of extreme climates. Too much sunlight can fade the outer surface of a car, including the body paint, trim and moldings. On the contrary, frigid conditions can damage a car’s engine and similar parts. Keeping a vehicle outside during the rainy season also facilitates rusting. By storing your vehicle in a stable climatic setting, like a garage, you can dodge expensive repairs and help maintain a car’s value over many years.

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