All about insurance for classic cars -

All about insurance for classic cars

insurance for classic cars

All You Need To Know About Classic Car Insurance

When you see a classic car on the road, you might be wondering how their owner takes care of them. This Porsche 911, Dodge Charger, Plymouth Barracuda, Ferrari 330 GTC, and more are just some of their finest. Indeed, it takes special care, such as insurance for classic cars.

If you own one of the beauties, this article is made for you. Find out here what is classic car insurance and other pieces of information about it. Equip yourself with the best knowledge so you can ensure the safety of your prized investment.

1. What is a classic car?

A car parked on the side of a mountain road

Classic is a famous word to be associated with anything. There is a definitive standard in cars before you can include one as part of the classic car list. It must be at least 25 years old, a muscle car or hotrod, an exotic vehicle, etc.

2. What is classic car insurance?

A motorcycle is parked on the side of a building

According to Value Penguin, brand new cars are commonly ensured only up to its actual value. Classic car insurance is different because it includes the “guaranteed” worth besides the expected value. It can be agreed upon by the owner and the insurance company.

3. Why is insurance essential for classic cars?

The policies stated above are the reason why you must get specialized insurance for your classic car. The “guaranteed” value coverage will help you get more in case of unwanted situations.

4. What are the requirements of classic car insurance?

In terms of requirements, insurance for classic cars has a lot of more complicated ones. Use is the first one of it. You can’t use it regularly because there is a mileage limit to the car. It is more for leisure only.

The climate and weather must be stated well in the policy aside from mileage. It is about where you will be staying in the car. Along with it, a good driving record is a must as well. These are just some of the unique requirements.

5. What does the classic car insurance cover?

The classic car insurance policy covers roadside assistance, travel assistance, spare parts coverage, and many more. These are just some of what you can get. Now, you may still add some requests to the list. You can make a deal with the insurance company for it.


So if you’re ever in the market of getting your own classic car, then you might as well consider getting that classic car insurance just in case unforeseen circumstances would damage your classic car. They are valued more and it would be an amazing experience and accomplishment if you own of the old but gold cars.

Classic car insurance will be your safety net and it’s better to have one then non at all. Your classic car would thank you if it could speak. Don’t let the insurance scare you, it’s a must if you want to own the cars that have been driven by your great grandparents and would still be looked as cool even in these modern times.

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